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Saturday, August 28, 2010

victorinox swiss army knife - climber II

The Swiss Army Climber II Knife is a compact knife with a selection of more than 10 useful tools. Precision crafted in Switzerland, this knife is constructed with a nylon handle, and 100-percent stainless-steel components that will hold their edge and last you for years.

The Climber II weighs a lightweight 3.55 ounces and measures 3.58 inches when closed. Features include: large and small blades, two standard screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, a corkscrew, a wire stripper, scissors, key ring, reamer, and parcel hook. Tweezers and a toothpick pull out of the ends of the Climber II. Ideal for your glove box, utility drawer, or taking along for weekend trips at the cabin.

You'll be well equipped for the great outdoors with the Climber Eurosport's 15 useful tools. It is identical to the Climber 53381, but with a matte finish and at a much lower price. Features include:

1. Large blade
2. Small blade
3. Can opener
4. Small screwdriver
5. Bottle opener
6. Large screwdriver
7. Wire stripper
8. Scissors
9. Reamer
10. Sewing eye
11. Corkscrew
12. Hook
13. Toothpick
14. Tweezers
15. Key ring

Lifetime warranty.

About Swiss Army Knives

In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener's mother, and "inox," or stainless steel.

Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The forerunner of that name dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor or versatility.

t/b : a "must have" item to all angler's out there...

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